Laser’s Magic Application in Food Industry

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With the global population set to top nine billion in 2050, demand for food is predicted to rise by 70 percent – and technology could play a large role in bridging the gap. Scientists in Russia claim to have made an agricultural breakthrough by developing a laser system that they say makes crops grow twice as quickly, without any need for pesticides. The technology could be used in urban or remote areas and is even claimed to boost the amount of time food can be stored for, keeping it fresher for longer.

With laser, pulling up seedlings to help them grow will not be a dream

The team of scientists behind the invention say they used relatively inexpensive laser equipment to grow crops including tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and dill much faster and with higher yields. The prototype equipment moves though rows of plants in a greenhouse, blasting them with light, to boost their growth and kill diseases. The researchers behind the invention claim the technique produces ecologically-clean plants because no pesticides or other chemicals are needed to accelerate their growth.

Laser marking facilitates food security

Apart from laser’s application in food growth, laser can be also applied to secure food safety. Most packagings have to display variable data, which cannot be printed cost-efficiently with the elaborate, multi-color printing process used for most attractive packaging presentation. Examples are expiration dates and batch or serial numbers. Frequently the marking has to be applied at the end of the production process, even after filling.

The laser marker is a perfect tool for marking materials commonly used in packaging industry, like paper, cardboard and polymers. Laser marking is a contact-free process without any mechanical stress for the packaging. As a flexible, computer-controlled process, laser marking is perfectly suited for on-the-fly applications, like marking of moving products or roll material with high speed.

HGTECH’s ideal laser solution in food industry

As line speeds increase to cope with more demanding production targets, manufacturers need easier, more efficient laser marking to print high quality codes consistently on their products. High performance CO2 laser marking systems deliver superior code quality across a range of marking are suitable for a wide array of substrates, and provide easy integration for virtually any application.

Online laser marking system series integrate advanced galvanometer laser marking technology with imported RF excited sealed CO2 laser. Combining laser technology with production line, it can mark on rapid moving products. This marking machine is mainly used in marking Chinese characters, English characters, figures, batch numbers, production dates, LOGO, real time clock information and anti-counterfeiting, especially food industries HACCP.

HGTECH’s online CO2 laser marking machine

HGTECH’s online CO2 laser marking machine

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