HGLASER's Newly Launched CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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HGLASER/FARLEY LASERLAB has newly launched high power CNC fiber laser cutting machine DF4020, and has been in demand since it had been displayed on CCMT Shanghai and Industrial Exhibition Xiamen. DF4020 fiber laser cutting machines own global advanced CNC system and reliable performance, featuring fast speed and high precision. It has great effect for the cutting of thick metal plates, such as 25mm thick carbon steel and 20mm thick stainless steel, especially with 6000w fiber cutting machine.

DF4020 and Kobe Bryant on CCMT Shanghai

DF4020 on Industrial Exhibition Xiamen

The DF4020 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine adopts Gantry structure and rack & pinion driven system (both sides) ,with advantages of reliable stability,high rigidity and faster speed. The positioning speed can be up to 150m/min as Max.

DF4020 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The beam frame of DF4020 is using Aluminum casting with advantages of light weight and fast dynamic response. The gears,rail,rack & pinion and other transmission components are all from international well-known brands. The overall Gantry structure as well as rack& pinion driven system ensures machine's high positioning speed,fast dynamic response and excellent stability.

The DF4020 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is using Germany IPG Fiber Laser as its laser source,which provides users with powerful cutting capability and efficiency. At the same time,with the adoption of first-class Germany Siemens 840D as its CNC control system, DF4020 is taken as an advanced CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with integration of reliable stability,high precision,high power,excellent performance and faster speed.

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