Deputy Director of the NDRC Weiliang Lian investigated Farley Laserlab

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Key words: investigation; future development

On February 9th, the deputy director of National Development and Reform Commission Weiliang Lian arrived at the Gedian, Ezhou Development Zone hglaser advanced manufacturing equipment Industrial Park, inspecting the production management, transformation and upgrading of enterprises during the economic situation investigation in Hubei province.

Visit to production workshop of Farley Laserlab

Weiliang Lian and his colleagues visited Wuhan Farley Laserlab Cutting Welding System Engineering Co., Ltd., VIP and logistics enterprises, having acknowledged Ezhou central electricity supplier base, development of natural components drug, industrial robots, artificial intelligence and the development of optoelectronic information industry in details, and queried the product performance, sales orders, import and export tax, etc..

Demonstration of Equipment operation

The research group was particularly concerned about the development of industrial robots, artificial intelligence made by Farley Laserlab. Under the leadership of the general manager of HG LaserJiake Deng, they visited the production workshop, having a further understanding of the production and watching the equipment operation demonstration. From this visit, the research group acknowledged various high-end equipment, and highly praised the high-end equipment manufacturing and strong technical ability.

Farley Laserlab has always insisted on independent innovation ability, sticking market traction, technology as the driving force, keeping in the forefront of Chinese laser industry. In 2016, it participated in the research "high quality and high efficiency laser welding, cutting the key process and complete sets of equipment", and won the first prize of national science and technology progress. Over all,the research group had comprehensive understanding of the company, and expressed the expectations of its future development.