Proton Heavy Ion R&D and Diagnosis Center Project Settled in Wuhan Airport Economic and Technological Development Zone

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Key words: Proton and heavy ion therapy; R&D; settlement

On February 19th, project signing ceremony of Wuhan Airport Economic and Technological Development Zone was held at the Wuhan Convention center. Under the witness of the Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Yixin Chen and other leaders, the project Proton Heavy Ion R&D and Diagnosis Center was signed by the party secretary and the chairman of HGTECH Xinqiang Ma, Dongxihu and the District government.

Proton and heavy ion therapy has been regarded as the most advanced and most promising cancer treatment method in the world. It is a significant symbol of a country's medical development, especially the level of cancer treatment. The signing of the "heavy ion proton treatment center and R & D and manufacturing projects engaged in a total investment of about 2.1 billion RMB, of which, investment of undertaking national key project " R & D " based on proton radiotherapy equipment superconducting cyclotron reaches 600 million RMB, it mainly carries out the research and industrialization of proton treatment equipment; and investment of construction and other units of the Wuhan Union Hospital, Huarong open union heavy ion proton treatment center reaches 1.5 billion RMB, it plans to take the heavy ion proton" Introduction & development, which is more suitable for the our national conditions and policy at present, conducive to the realization of the localization of the proton treatment equipment production and clinical application as soon as possible.

HGTECH takes advantages of technology, capital, talent and management to promote proton therapy R&D projects and develop construction equipment based on superconducting cyclotron proton radiotherapy Chinese has independent property rights with the help of the electrical and Mechanical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Joint Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Tongji Medical College, affiliated Xiehe Hospital and Chinese Institute of atomic energy,. At the same time set up a subsidiary of Wuhan branch of China Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and strive to achieve the industrialization of proton therapy projects, to achieve the domestic nuclear medical equipment manufacturing capacity. And take this opportunity to fully enter the field of health care, to build high-end medical equipment and health services sector.

"Proton heavy ion treatment and the R & D and manufacturing center" project also attaches great importance to the local government, the Wuhan municipal government work report in 2017, specifically for the project that "vigorously develop the high-end medical support to build accurate, heavy ion proton therapy center and treatment equipment manufacturing research and development, support the construction of international hospital". After the completion of the project, the tumor treatment technology and equipment of international advanced achievements, and through the innovation of science and technology into life, can quickly improve the Hubei province and the central tumor treatment level, public health services and the training of radiotherapy and proton heavy ion cancer therapy with a professional and technical personnel, the formation of R & D, treatment and training as a whole the nuclear medicine industry chain. In order to build Wuhan into the "medical capital" in the central region, and to contribute to the construction of "healthy China" and the construction of a well-off society.