HGTECH Party Committee Held a General Election of Party Representatives

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On February 27th, the Communist Party of HGTECH committee election conference held in the C district report hall, the Huazhong University of Science and Technology industrial group party secretary, chairman Tong Jun, deputy secretary and Secretary Meixin Xiong attended the meeting. The party representatives of HGTECH should be 120, actual arrival was 115, gathered to listen to the "HGTECH Second Committee work report", "on the dues collection use and management of the report", the election of the third session of HGTECH party leadership.

The meeting was chaired by the Party committee, President Dayong Min. Party secretary, chairman Comrade Xinqiang Ma on behalf of the second party made working report, report pointed out: the Party committee to actively implement the important deployment of HGTECH and the decision of the Central Party committee, Party strictly adhere to the principle of strengthening the party's ideological construction, organization construction and style construction, combining the construction of enterprise culture construction work with the company, will the combination of capacity building of Party building work and the leading cadres of the party, the party building work and the front line, in close contact with the staff together, the combination of system construction and Party building work, give full play to promote development, employee services and cohesion, enhance organizational cohesion, influence and fighting capacity, promote enterprise the development, formation of the work of Party building and development company "interaction good situation of double promotion". As a state-owned listed company, the next step will be further advanced to the Party committee of HGTECH thought of the party as an important starting point to guide the action, style building, self-discipline for Party building work, delicate gas is formed in the entrepreneurial atmosphere, to create a new situation in the work of Party Building, Party building and promote the company to a new level.

All the party members by secret ballot, the election produced by Xinqiang Ma, Dayong Min, Hanshu Liu, Xingguo Yang, Bo Nie, Wen Xiong, Jiake Deng, Qin Zhang, Min Wang and other nine comrades of the third party leadership. The Party Congress, Party committee held the three meeting of the election committee, deputy secretary, Xinjiang Ma was elected the new party secretary, was elected Deputy Secretary Dayong min, Hanshu Liu was elected Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Committee concurrently. The meeting was the third session of the working party on the division of labor, comrade Xingguo Yang of the United Front members, Bo Nie was appointed a member of the trade union committee, Wen Xiong was appointed youth members, Jiake Deng was appointed a member of the study, Qin Zhang was appointed as members of the organization, Min Wang was appointed member of the publicity.