Deputy director of the Organization Department of Wuhan Kucheng Zhu investigated HGTECH

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Key Words: investigation; talents training project

On March 9th, Kucheng Zhu, deputy director of the Organization Department of Wuhan, and his colleagues came to investigate HGTECH. Our company president Dayong, Min and assistant president Qin Zhang received them.

Firstly, director Zhu introduced the "1000 contact bureau level cadres 1000 enterprises (projects)" background, he pointed out that HGTECH as the industry leader in intelligent manufacturing, talent introduction, cooperation and other aspects of the Wuhan City, Hubei province and the country has made a great contribution, in the future, the government should establish smooth communication channels with the enterprise, the purpose of the research is to understand and solve problems and difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises..

President Min showed his greet to the arrival of them and expressed gratitude of the supports to HGTECH over the years, and he said, "HGTECH will start the talents training project in 2015" and the "million students employment plan but agree without prior without previous consultation according to the actual situation of HGTECH. The development of science and technology for many years, the enterprise has certain difficulty to keep people, the livable city municipal construction, are considered factors of graduates. At the same time, he also talked about the difficulties encountered in the introduction of high-end talent and landing. Minister Zhu said that enterprises to develop, must help enterprises solve these problems.