Guidance to students during starting a business given by Xinqiang Ma

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Key Words: talents; setting up business

To implement the spirit of the Wuhan Thirteenth Party Congress and the municipal Party committee million students employment plan, promote innovation driven development, help to achieve five years to retain 1 million college students in Han employment goals, on April 8th, sponsored by the Wuhan municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Wuhan Bureau, Hongshan district and Hongshan only District People's Government of the city's "million students Chinese employment plan" propaganda activities in Colleges and universities, the launching ceremony held at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology gymnasium in Optics Valley, from the 37 college students to participate in the ceremony on behalf of more than 1200 people. The Chinese science and technology party secretary and chairman Ma Xinqiang, as a well-known alumni of Huazhong University of Science and Technology were invited to attend, and delivered a speech to business experience, guide the students: entrepreneurship is not just a job, it is a kind of persistent attitude, a kind of spirit.

Xinqiang Ma expressed his alma mater as a senior stuents in a keynote speech to a "senior students", reviewing a few difficult business experiences after graduation, "trauma" and "wound" the unique perspective of the new interpretation of the business behind the difficulties and challenges, he said, "how many people never do things to find opportunities, seize the opportunity, I rely on their own hands to fight, to realize the value of life. If you fail, you will accumulate rich experience".

Later, Xinjiang Ma combined its own experience in Chinese college students to share their three points: one is the entrepreneurial business sentiment is not out of the ordinary; two is to follow the trend, entrepreneurship is very bitter, but as long as the target, persistence, final taste sweet; three is not just because of the money to start a business, there must be beyond profits the target.

Finally, he called on the scene to seize the unprecedented opportunities for students in Wuhan, to encourage college students to stay active in the ranks of the real economy, together to contribute to the prosperity of the real economy to contribute to our light and heat.

Xinqiang Ma used simple and sincere words on a "business class" to open up a fresh outlook on students, everyone felt encouraged and quite excited.