Dr Hua Renzhong of HGTECH was selected to the thirteenth national “Thousand Talents Plan”

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Key Words: Dr Hua Renzhong; “Thousand Talents Plan”; picosecond laser

Lately, the Organization Ministry of the Central Committee of the CPC published the thirteenth national “Thousand Talents Plan” list, Dr Hua Renzhong, who was introduced by HGTECH as an expert in the area of industrial ultrafast picosecond laser, was on the list. Until now, there were 9 person from HGTECH selected by the national “Thousand Talents Plan”.

Dr Hua Renzhong mainly studies the technology of industrial ultrafast picosecond laser, and acted as the director of HGTECH’s picosecond laser project. He participated the research of the 50W picosecond laser, which is a pioneer of high power picosecond laser in domestic industry and makes HGTECH an enterprise with the ability to produce high power picosecond laser following the step of a few laser producing enterprise in America and Germany. The 50W picosecond laser can be widely used in the field of precise microfabrication, its individual successful invention will change the status that domestic industrial lasers rely on importation with a high price, cut down the cost significantly as well as promote domestic precise manufacturing and the development of the upstream and downstream industrial chains, and further promote the transformation and upgrading of HGTECH to high-end manufacturing. Dr Hua also participates in the “13th five-year national key research and development program” -- the “research and industrialization of industrial picosecond and femtosecond’s key technology ”, which can realize the industrializing patch manufacture as soon as possible, meets the market demands of high level areas like bio-medical, industrial machinery micro-processing and microelectronics optical processing, and is hopeful to launch 120W ultrafast picosecond laser prototype and 40W ultrafast femtosecond laser prototype in 2017.

The national “Thousand Talents Plan” begun in 2008, which is a national talents introducing plan for high level talents overseas and aims to introduce and support nearly 2000 high level talents overseas to come (back) to China to innovate and start a business in the national key projects, key subjects, key labs, central enterprises and state-owned commercial financial institutions, various parks based on high-tech industrial development zones and so on, on the objectives of national development strategy.