The entrepreneurs delegation of Zhuhai municipality came to HGTECH for investigation

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Key Words: The entrepreneurs delegation of Zhuhai municipality; HGTECH; investigation

On the afternoon of June 7th, led by the Science, Technology, Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Xiangzhou distinct, Zhuhai municipality, 35 entrepreneurs from electronic information, electric equipment, machinery manufacturing and other industries of Xiangzhou distinct came to HGTECH for investigation. President Min Dayong received them.

In the showroom of HGTECH, president Min Dayong introduced in detail about the developments and core business of HGTECH to the visitors. As a hi-tech manufacturing enterprise, HGTECH made continuous breakthroughs in the key technology areas and filled a number of gaps in the country, based on rich industry experiences and excellent overseas high level technical talents. At present, HGTECH is mainly in the direction of intelligent manufacturing, actively improves the layout of industrial interconnnectivity which includes the perceptual layer, transport layer, data layer and executive layer. By providing high quality solutions, HGTECH has accumulated a number of good clients in the areas of new energy cars, consumer electronics, optical communication and equipment manufacturing. The entrepreneurs praised and learned about the core products and their application. In the laser technology exhibition center, the entrepreneurs learned deeply about the application in all aspects from national economy to people’s life, and sung high praise for laser, the brightest light, the sharpest knife and the most accurate ruler.

Before the end of the tour, the officers and the entrepreneurs all expressed that they are impressed by the open, professional and efficient enterprise spirit of HGTECH, in the intelligent manufacturing era, HGTECH takes innovation as a driving force, the effects of its technology innovation are remarkable, the advanced management concepts and models are also worth learning, and they are looking forward to the industrial docking with HGTECH and to carry out more in-depth conversation and cooperation.