Air Temperature Sensor In Car

* High sensitivity
High accuracy
Fast thermal response
Resistancing chemical corrosion, high reliability
Simple structure, convenient for installation
Meet the requirements of RoHS\REACH

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1. Producted with high precision, high sensitivity NTC thermistor chip

2. Using modified high quality plastic molding

3. Using interchangeable assembly structure design

4. Manufactured with automatic assembly line


Automotive Air Condition System.


1. Special value of resistance according to customer requirements

2. Special connector according to customer requirements

3. Special structure according to customer requirements


1. Standard Resistance R25=2.186KΩ±1%(±2% ±3%)

2. Material constant B0/25=3375K±1%(±2% ±3%)

3. Time constant τ≤5S

4. Dissipation constant δ≥3mW/℃

5. Operating temperature-40℃—+100℃