Customized Design Registered Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

Exquisite hologram design, Strong Security result
Hologram is very clean with high brightness
High precision registration and perfect stamping result
Meet high speed autumatic stamping requirement

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1.Individual logo pattern design. 

2.Eye mark for registration reading, double side eye mark or single side eye mark can be chose for specific stamping requirement.

3. For registered stamping application, the hologram will be stamped onto the exact position on the printed object.


1. Specification: 630mm x 120m/standard roll.

2. Roll inner core: 1 inch or 3inch. 

3. Base film: PET, 15 or 19 micron thickness.

4.Colors: gold or silver for choice.

Design Concept

Customized design and specification available to match various packaging and security need.


Recommend to apply on confidential documents, ID identification, Brand security packaging and Tickets etc.