FABRICATOR XRP CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

* Flexible, user-friendly, duel beam, multi-carriage, multi-torch machine.
Hypertherm's new HPR400XD HyDefinition plasma systems.

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The Fabricator XRP is a next generation complete plate processing system combining the very best cutting, marking, drilling and milling technologies. The innovative sub-axes drilling capability provides the drillhead with a range of movement independent of the main machine X & Y axes, creating a 250mm x 250mm clamped work envelope for continuous, uninterrupted machining. The XRP is currently operational in Australia and the U.S.A. producing complex parts, to finished quality, straight off the table, in one set-up, with one operator.



Applied to shipyards, steel service & distribution centres and shops where large parts or large batches of parts need to be processed on a regular basis.

Suitable for cutting SS plate,aluminium alloy,copper alloy and other materials.