WALC Serial Wide Area Cutting & Welding System/WALC 8020 Laser Cutting & Welding Machine

1. Double gantry beam structure
2. Laser source of Rofin DC030 is fixed on of the beam.
3. Germany Siemens 840D CNC system

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The Farley Laserlab WALC (Wide Area Laser Cutting Machine) is designed specially for cutting thicker materials with bigger plate sizes. This machine can profile any shape mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum from 0.5mm to 25mm, and can be configured with a variety of Laser Resonators from 1 KW to 5 KW, 00 Mode Slab Laser and multiple fast axial flow lasers up to 7Kw.

The WALC can cut plate up to 6m wide and 50m long in one set up.



Suitable for cutting SS plate,aluminium alloy,copper alloy and other materials.