Diode End-pumped Green Laser Marking Machine

Advanced hardware controlling technology and intelligent software.
Perfect laser beam quality.
High reliability, stability and security.
Compact design, the size is 30% smaller than traditional model.
Low consumption, easy maintenance.

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LSG7EI diode pumped green laser marking machine adopts imported LD module to pump ND:YAG rod, and takes the advantage of KTP crystals to double frequency on 1064nm laser. Compared with 1064nm diode pumped laser marking machine, the marking line is more precision.

Due to the large energy of 532nm laser, the selectivity of marking materials is much better. Compared with lamp pumped laser marking machine, it has the advantages of small size, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, marking of high quality and high reliability.



Applied in marking precisely of special materials, precisely cutting ,marking and surface processing of glass, LCD screen , textile, semiconductor silicon wafer, sapphire and etc.