Online CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Compare with traditional marking methord,online laser marking have many advantages,the speed is more fast,more efficient, security effective significantly,satisfy with CE standard,low running cost.
Adopt imported RF excited sealed CO2 laser and high speed galvanometer.
Easy to operate,widely used in different industries,and siutable for various materials.

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Online Laser Marking System Series integrates advanced galvanometer laser marking technology with imported RF excited sealed CO2 laser. Put laser technology in the production line to achieve marking on rapid movement products. 



Applying to medicament, cosmetics, tobacco, food and drink package, closing, leather, electronic component, and etc series number and expire date laser marking.

Suitable for most of the non-metalic material online marking, such as paper package, leather, perspex, resin plastic, wooden & bamboo products, metal with the coating, PCB and etc.