Online Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Most advanced software and hardware.
Stable marking with fast speed.
An adjustable bracket on the laser source, easy to match with the industry line.

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  • Imported lasers or domestic high-quality, professional industrial lasers source , to ensure faster speed and greater stability 
  • To meet different requirements for choosing right products 
  • Imported galvo to ensure the high quality of marking accuracy and speed , 24 hours continuous processing
  • High-quality optical device to ensure good optical quality, more uniform spot
  • Compact structure , professional support, easily to install and adjust on the assembly line
  • Friendly man-machine dialogue interface, easy to operate



Applying to Auto Electron, molectron, crystal oscillator, PE bottle package, electronic Component, metalic bottle package, tube, can package, and etc industries. Suitable for nylon, ABS,PVC, PES, PE, Steel, Ti, Cu, Al and etc materials.