Axial Diode Thermistor

Good quality
High accuracy
High reliability
Fast-time response

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1.Work temperature:-60℃~+300℃,high temperature/humidity envirenment, high reliability.

2.Small in size with the same dementions, be suitable for advanced automatic assembly.

3. Polished coating with tin,It is easy to weld, welding resistance and heating:>=260℃×10s.


NTC thermistor temperature sensors for household and housing electronic appliances feature variable shapes and structures corresponding to application purpose. Typical application: Room and package air conditioner, Freezer and refrigerator , Hot water supply unit, Oil fan heater, Microwave oven, Washing machine, Laundry dryer, Toilet seat with warm water washer, Garbage treatment machine, Dish washer, Copy machine, etc.


Specifications can be customized according to customer demand.


* Work temperature:-60℃~+300℃
* Thermal time constant: 3 second max. in a well stirred oil bath
* Dissipation constant: >2.2 mW/°C R:1KΩ〜1000KΩ Wide electrical range: B constant: 2000K~5000K