Radial Welding Epoxy Resin Encapsulation Thermistor

High temperature and strong
Stable and reliable Small size
High accuracy Epoxy coating
The protective effect on the surrounding environment is good inexpensive wire

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The surface coated with epoxy resin, copper wire.


Rechargeable battery overcharge protection circuit various structures of the temperature sensor the temperature of an electronic circuit, temperature measurement compensation.


Specifications can be customized according to customer demand.


* Work temperature:-40℃~+150℃
* Thermal time constant: 3 second max. in a well stirred oil bath
* Dissipation constant: >2.2 mW/°C R:1KΩ、2KΩ、5KΩ、10KΩ、15KΩ、30KΩ、 B constant: 3434K、3470K、3900K、3950