Temperature Sensor for Room Temperature of Air Conditioner

Wide resistance range
High accuracy
Good reliability

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Evaporator thermo compressor over heat sensor.


For family air conditioner/business conditioner to measure the inner & outside temperature, and the compressor exhaust & inspiration temperature in frequency conversion conditioner.


Specifications can be customized according to customer demand.


* Work temperature:-30℃~+150℃
* Thermal time constant: 8 second max in a well stirred water bath
* Dissipation constant: >2.2 mW/°C
* Wide electrical range: B constant: 2000K~5000K,R:1KΩ ~1000 KΩI
* Insulation resistance:>200MΩ
* Withstand voltage:AC1800v for 1 second with 5mA of cut-off current in water