Insulating Corrugated Heating Device

Heating fast
Automatic constant temperature
Large power Safe and reliable
High efficiency
Low noise
Long service life
Meet the requirements of RoHS\REACH

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1. Using PTC thermistor chip with high precision, high voltage resistance.

2. Encapsulated in temperature-resistance and insulating material.

3. Adopt structure design of aluminum crimp.

4. Using mounting base made of PPS material.

5. Manufactured with automatic assembly line.


Auxiliary air-conditioning heating.


1. Select different voltage level according to customer requirements.

2. Select diffient derivational structure according to customer requirements.

3. Choose chip of different temperature according to customer requirements.

4. Adjust magnitude of the power according to customer requirements.

5. Special containment structure and size according to customer requirements.


1. Nominal power 500W—2000W(-10% +5%) surge current ≤2.5*rated current

2. Current stable time T1≤20S

3. Temperature stability time T2≤30S electric strength>1800V(No breakdown) insulation resistance>500MΩ

4. Operating temperature-40℃—+60℃