PTC Heating Component of Aluminium Pipe

* Keep temperature automatically
No open flame
Good temperature constant
Safety and long service life
High thermal efficiency
Simple structure, convenient for installation
Use a wide range of ambient temperature
High thermal efficiency

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1. Using PTC thermistor chip with high precision, high voltage resistance. 

2. Encapsulated in temperature-resistance and insulating yellow paper.

3. Type of aluminum tube can be customized according to customer's request.

4. Heating fast.


Liquid water heater, coffee pot, pot, milk warming machine, steam generator, shoes dryer, etc.


Products variety complete, can be customized according to user requirements.


1. Operating temperature 60~280(±10℃)

2. Working voltage 3~36V/60V/100~240V

3. Dielectric voltage withstan 4125V/5s