Fiber Optic PatchCord (P21-3131-31000-00)

* Nice optical performace factory tested and endface geometry polishing controlled
* Low insertion loss and high return loss
* Complete kinds of optical connectors

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Fiber optic patch cord is one of the most commonly used components in fiber optic network.generally there are two kinds of fiber
optic patch cords :single mode (9/125um) fiber optic patch cords and multimode (50/125um or 62.5/125um) fiber optic patch cords.

Fiber optic patchcord are with various kinds of cables PVC,OFNP,OFNR,LSZH. There are simplex fiber optic patchcord and
duplex fiber optic patchcord ,with the cable diameter can be 0.9 mm,2.0mm,3.0mm. Usually single mode fiber optic patch cord is yellow jacket color, multi mode fiber optic patch cord is orange jecket color.

Fiber optic patchcords are used for linking the equipment and components in the fiber optic network.They are with various kinds of connector types,such as SC、FC、LC、ST and so on.Meanwhile there are PC APC type fiber patchcord,they are different because of the polish of fiber connectors.


* Communications networks
* Test equipments
* Wide area networks
* LAN system


* Telcordia GR-326

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