* PLUS:fulfillment of all requirements for successful brand protection
Higher precision laser signature effect—4000DPI
Hotstamp patch identification and tracebility with an optimum barrier against counterfeiting
Precision laser unique signature for hotstamp holograms
Eye-catching visual effects
Integration of micro code + lens code
Visible and concealed features with an appropriate security level
Visibly enhanced counterfeit protection
Increased product desirability
Easy to verify using magnifying glass and decoder card
Cost-efficient identification solution
Security code can be integrated into existing hotstamping holograms.Seamless integration into the brand owner’s production line.

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PLUS includes a visible serial code, micro coding and a hidden feature.

(1)For consumers: special visual effect can be readable with without any additional devices. serial code of every single label is unique.

(2)For experts: lens code, micro code, micro matrix-code, matching code.

(3) Every single label’s information is inscribed with the technology of high precision of visible inscription. Serial integrated code, item-unique label number for customers & investigators.

(4) Special visual effects for investigators & consumers. Serial micro code is unique and the same with serial code.

(5) Distributor, retailers and wholesalers can read Lens Code with a special decoder card. Lens code is the same with the last digits of Serial Code. Firstly put decoder card on the securtiy label, then turn it clock wise, you can read the Lens Code.

(6) Serial Micro Matrix Code readable with smartphone APP and adapter-lens for investigators. It’s worth to note that the last four digits is the same with those of Serial Code.


Customized products.

Design Concept

1) Physical evidence, proof of originality.
* Feature has to be simple to detect.
* Immediate and reliable verification.
* High technology-barrier: unique & un-reproducible.

2) Descriptive explanation & interactive dialog.
* Effective tools to communicate into the market.
* Enhancing brand awareness.
* Transmission of the brand quality standard.
* Trustworthy brand-image.

 3)Monitored supply the authentication marks.
* Countable allocation of protection-feature.
* Each product receives its own identity, can be checked by experts and investigators.
* Feature codes are stored in a database.


* Medicine
* Tobacco
* License