Electronic Components

Success Story of Actuator & Temperature Sensor For Automobiles

Customer ’s Requirements:

A company is specialized in the production and distribution of the Russian automotive electronic products well-known enterprises, to get the country's car-makers Volga, UAZ, GAS large number of auto parts orders, intends to purchase our actuators, automotive temperature sensors.

Project Challenge:

There are five parts to be open mold, mold and time-consuming; product high degree of structural complexity, mold is difficult and costly.

Solution to Project:

1. An invited group headquarters personnel to assist Russian technical documents and the terms of translation clients and customers through multiple visits and exhibitions negotiate, finalize contracts;

2. From peer companies mining engineer experienced professional executor, referring to the drawings, technical data and samples provided similar customers in strict accordance with customer requirements, making 3D parts model diagram, several research and development with customers to explore, and finally meet customer requirements.

Benefits to customers:

1. As customers take the initiative to provide a mold drawings and samples, thus giving the customer section of the actuator for the exclusive use rights;

2. Used in new product development in the customer's own products for our customers gain more market share.