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Success Story of Temperature Sensor (NTC Products) for Containers

Customer ’s Requirements:

A company is a member of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) who provides industry-leading HVAC and refrigeration solutions worldwide, and needs a large number of high-quality temperature sensors for the container.

Project Challenge:

1. As containers are commonly used in maritime transport, customers have high requirements on product quality, test environment, etc. that is, all products must meet UL standards, UV-resistant test 2000H, temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ +105 ℃;

2. As for the cycle length of mould opening and audit, Our conventional product production needs one week to finish and the audit cycle is no longer than a month. But this time we need at least 2 month for product development, not to mention several months of testing. To conclude, each batch of samples need to at least six months to finish.

Solution to Project:

1. We develop three major series for the customer, which has met the standards of exclusive supply;

2. Long-term adherence to send samples, acceptance of customer ’s audits;

3. In order to meet customer ’s demand, we establish specialized producing line and provide exclusive supplying of some products.

Benefits for Customers:

Our strict management on technology and quality has controlled non-performing rate less than 100 PPM (present 36 PPM). Customer’s own products applied with the temperature has greatly enhanced the overall brand image worldwide.