Holographic Anti-counterfeiting


The fake brand, ID Documents and Tickets are getting more and more attention worldwide because they not only bring large loss to the government and brands’ owners, but also have already been big threatens to the social security, market order and people’s health. Even some simple anti-counterfeit packaging or labels also are found to be counterfeited. Under this background, you need consider getting higher unique and more efficient security technology to protect our brands, ID documents and Ticket.


Consumer cannot identify easily
Simple anti-counterfeiting technology, easy to copy
Cannot realize multi-rank security inspection
Expert Inspection Operation is not friendly


Based on High-End Precision Positioning Personalized Hot Stamping Comprehensive Anti-counterfeiting Product


Every single label’s information is inscribed with the technology of high precision of visible inscription. Serial Integrated Code, item-unique label number for customers & investigators.

Special visual effects for investigators & consumers. Serial Micro Code is unique and the same with Serial Code.
Distributor, retailers and wholesalers can read Lens Code with a special decoder card. Lens code is the same with the last digits of Serial Code. Firstly put decoder card on the securtiy label, then turn it clock wise, you can read the Lens Code.
Serial Micro Matrix Code readable with Smartphone APP and adapter-lens for investigators. It’s worth to note that the last four digits is the same with those of Serial Code

Customer Benefits

Physical Evidence, Proof of Originality
Feature has to be simple to detect
Immediate and reliable verification
High technology-barrier: Unique & Un-reproducible

Descriptive Explanation & Interactive Dialog
Effective tools to communicate into the market
Enhancing Brand Awareness
Transmission of the Brand Quality Standard
Trustworthy Brand-Image

Monitored supply the authentication marks
Countable allocation of Protection-Feature
Each product receives its own identity, can be checked by experts and investigators
Feature codes are stored in a Database