Laser Equipments

Success Story of Tablet PC Laser Drilling

Customer ’s Requirements:

Famous tablet PC wants to adopt laser drilling on plastic surface to replace traditional module processing way.

Project Challenge:

1. Traditional module processing way can’t drill oblique hole on the sides of tablet PC, low circular degree, low quality;

2.Drilling test of fiber, UV or green exist problems, which can’t meet customer’s requirements of appearance.

Solution to Project:

Through many processing test, it was found that CO2 laser machine has best drilling effect on plastic materials, high processing efficiency, small heat effect, beautiful appearance, which help customer solved drilling problems on tablet PC. Laser processing way also reduced greatly manufacture cost.

Benefits for Customers:

1.laser drilling has high efficiency, which reduce manufacturing expense;

2.laser drilling has high consistency, high roundness, high positioning accuracy, low reject ratio;

3.good drilling effect, customer’s product has highlight, and it can be copied to other products.