Laser Equipments

Success Story of Laser Processing on Automobile Two-dimensional Trace Code

Customer’s Requirements:

In order to trace exactly the production situation of automobile components and improve quality test standard, an international automobile brand requires that two-dimension code should be marked by laser on each component.

Project Challenge:

1. Automobile has wide varieties of components, which have different exterior, it is difficult to mark two-dimensional code on different materials;

2. Efficiency of laser marking is hard to ensure;

3. Valid identification of two-dimensional code is also hard to grantee.

Solution to Project:

Marking two-dimensional code on label paper and sticking it on each part can avoid the influence of different material on the absorption rate of laser wavelength, therefore we design a whole-protection automobile label machine, adopt fiber laser device which has good stability, and custom-make automatic up-down structure.

Despite of this, the new machine is equipped with multi-layer filter dust removal system to solve dust influence of label paper. In order to coordinate with automobile factory’s networking function, we set up big database to identify and inspect two-dimensional code on line.

Benefits for Customers:

1. Manual operation time has been greatly saved and work efficiency of automobile factory has been improved;

2. Processing problems have been solved through adopting label paper;

3. High-level safety protection design has guaranteed the security of operating staff.