Optical Communication Devices

Success Story of Development on Major Equipment Manufacturers

Customer’s Requirements:

Because of special regional restrictions, the original supplier can’t supply a major equipment manufacturer. Therefore, they need to find new

suppliers which are good in all aspects.

Project challenges:

The company has strict requirements for suppliers, especially put emphasis on aspects, such as process control, system qualification, work environment and so on. There are some gaps between our conditions and the customer’s requirements. The product is still in the stage of perfection. We should improve the discrepancies in quality system in short term.

Solution to Project:

1. Contact with customer in multiple levels and introduce our company through various channels.

2. Improve company systems with customer standard and establish a special team to audit and prepare in view of customer’s requirements. Leading by quality director, and make a person in charge of the implementation of quality system standards. On the same time, we prepare several rounds of pre-trial, and ultimately to meet the customer’s requirements.

Benefits for Customers:

1. To provide a stable and cost-effective product solution for customer.

2. To ensure the stability and reliability of product supply.