Optical Communication Devices

Success Story of BOSA Delivery

Customer’s Requirements:

BOSA sample to mass production within 3 months, and requirements need achieve 150K per month.

Project challenges:

1. The product from the sample to delivery only 3 months;

2. Customer demand of 150K by every months, the maximum output of the company was able to only 80K;

3. First time of experience at OEM business, from R&D, production & quality control all has the very big challenges.

Solution to Project:

1. Build PDT (product development team)for the project;

2. Use of automatic coupling and welding instead of the combination of manual and automated technology, improve product flux rate, shorten the working hour, improve capacity;

3. To break the traditional solution technique by laser and detector, using BOSA solution to meet customer requirement.

Benefits for Customers:

Customer’s requirements have been greatly satisfied. Delivery on time with high quality helps the customer to expand market share.